Tiny Houses From Around The World! (Pt.1)

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iny houses are EVERYWHERE! In every corner of the globe there’s a beautiful, efficient tiny house just waiting to be admired by more and more tiny living advocates. If you haven’t seen them and therefore don’t believe me then what else can I say but… “they’re TINY houses!”

From China to Chile, tiny house residents are cutting back and living simply. What’s really interesting is how each tiny house reflects the latest trends in sustainable living along with their unique culture and heritage from which they were devised!

Take a look at some beautiful tiny houses that will not only make you want to live tiny but travel the world as well!


To kick off the list, here’s a beautiful Japanese tiny house designed by Tagami Haruhiko.

New Zealand

Here’s a great video by Melissa and Bryce from Living Big In A Tiny House.


Derek Diedricksen from relaxshacksDOTcom features a wonderful tiny house/gypsy wagon in Germany. Be sure to also check out clickclackgorilla.com!


Featured by Kirsten Dirksen from faircompanies.com, this amazing tiny apartment (which is a remodeled pigeon loft!!) in Barcelona, Spain, was inspired by space saving furniture from boats as well as Japanese architecture.

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